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What is OOWeb?

OOWeb is a lightweight, embedded HTTP server for Java applications that maps objects to URL directories, methods to pages and form/querystring arguments as method parameters.

This allows for unparalleled ease in creating, deploying and testing web applications and most importantly, it's fun to use! You can get a working (albeit very basic) web server up and serving dynamic content with just 5 lines of code and no configuration.

OOWeb was originally inspired by CherryPy


What is OOWeb not?

OOWeb is not a full featured, performant HTTP server. It's HTTP stack is highly capable, but if you need extreme performance, consider Apache or even Squid.

It is also not a full featured, managed environment implementing complex API's and requiring a million lines of XML config to get it to do something. If you want one of those, there are plenty of good ones around to choose from


OOWeb is written in Java, making it immune to various C-style buffer overflow attacks. At the current time, no exploits or vulnerabilities are known of for OOWeb. However, if you write code to delete everything on your hard drive and then expose that method to the Internet via OOWeb, don't come complaining to us when the inevitable happens. Bottom line: you're responsible for the code you allow some unknown oik to execute on your machine.