Package net.sf.ooweb.http

This package contains the HTTP support classes.


Interface Summary
Cache Cache specifies an interface for any type of cache wanting to serve cached ooweb responses.
Server PygmyServer

Class Summary
AbstractServer AbstractServer is a superclass for Ooweb servers allowing subclasses to build on existing HTTP server architectures.
Cookie Cookie represents an HTTP cookie and specifies all of the mandatory and optional values that a cookie may have,
FormEncodedFile Represents a file received via a multipart/form-data POST
RequestHandler RequestHandler - methods to assist with request operations and parsing without being tied to any given HTTP or application implementation.
RequestState RequestState is a placeholder for server side state that is passed to client methods (Controller methods) when they declare it as a parameter.
ResponseState ResponseState can be returned by any controller method in order to have the framework set cookies, update or invalidate a session and take advantage of the inbuilt templating support (depending on the version of Ooweb in use)
SecurityManager SecurityHandler
SimpleCache SimpleCache is just a memory cache with no distribution or delta capability.
WebUser WebUser implements the User interface to provide basic user modelling.

Exception Summary
HandlingException HandlingException
NotAuthenticatedException NotAuthenticatedException is thrown to indicate that no authentication credentials were found in the request, or that the credentials didn't match any known user of the application.
NotAuthorisedException NotAuthorizedException is thrown to indicate that the authenticated user has no permission to perform the requested action

Package net.sf.ooweb.http Description

This package contains the HTTP support classes. They assist in the interface between OOWeb components and the underlying HTTP support. Classes in this package do not depend on any http or servlet type server.

Copyright (C) 2005-2007 OOWeb Authors.