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public interface User

User represents an authenticated user of an OOWeb application. Once a subject has been authenticated, the concrete implementation of this interface is stored in the HTTP session for subsequent use.

The framework only interacts with an authenticated subject in order to determine whether a named role has been granted to the User. Consequently, a single method is defined in the interface for the framework to use.

When writing your applications, you may wish to store additional information on the subject that is held in your user repository - name, address and other personal identifiers are common candidates. A domain class implementing this interface can have as much storage or logical functionality as you like, and this can be accessed in your web methods by simply casting the returned User object to your implementation type when retrieving it from the session. i.e.

 public class MyUser implements User {
     private String name;
     private String ssn;
     private Address address;
     public boolean hasRole(String roleName) {
         // return true if user has the role
     // getters/setters for other info omitted
.. and in your web method..
 MyUser user = (MyUser) HTTP.getSession().get(SecurityManager.USER_SESSION_KEY);
 // do something with user.getName(), user.getAddress() etc. 
If you don't need any other functionality from a User object, then OOWeb supplies a convenience implementation WebUser that stores the username and the roles for a User. You can use this object instead of defining your own.

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See Also:
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Method Summary
 boolean hasRole(java.lang.String roleName)
          Determine whether the user has a given role or not.

Method Detail


boolean hasRole(java.lang.String roleName)
Determine whether the user has a given role or not. This method is called on the concrete implementation of the User interface to determine whether the authenticated subject has been permitted access to the protected resource.

roleName -
true if the user has the role, false otherwise

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